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Paula Jorgensen Korning


Rolfing consists of a series of ten different sessions.

Each session has a particular focus and is related to the previous session and the one following.

In the first three sessions we usually work directly with more superficial connective tissue structures, but some deeper structures are affected too, especially around the joints.

The next three sessions relate to the way the pelvis is supported, and how it carries everything above it.

The 7th session treats the head, mouth, neck and throat, and the last three sessions are devoted to focus on areas of special attention: upper and lower body in 8 & 9 and through the whole body again in 10.

After the 10 session series many clients come back for advanced work, 1-5 Rolfings, after 6 months or a year.

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KT Miller "Rolfing: the 10 best hours of my life."
Paula Jorgensen Korning
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