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Rolfing® is a brand name. The proper generic term for Rolfing is structural integration. Your physical body is a structure, however, when a Rolfer™ says ”structure,” the Rolfer is not talking only of your physical body. Structure, to a Rolfer, is “all of who you are” because your experience, history, beliefs, perceptions, and consciousness, etc., are embodied and expressed in your tissues, movements, and postures.

A Definition:
Rolfing Structural Integration is a change process which asks your structure to change how it is organized, balanced, aligned, and integrated (within itself and with gravity).

Rolfers and The Rolf Institute are very different from nearly all other medical, complimentary, and alternative health practices. Many people don’t realize that:

• Rolfers and The Rolf Institute maintain a contractual relationship with each other throughout the Rolfer’s career to maintain the high standards of this work.
• While many schools these days teach structural integration, The Rolf Institute is the only organization/school with the legal rights to teach
Rolfing and to train/certify individuals as Rolfers.
• Rolfers know each other locally, nationally, and worldwide.
• Rolfers are Members of The Rolf Institute and hold voting rights within the organization.
• Rolfers: Do extensive and life-long continuing education; uphold The Rolf Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice; and maintain themselves as Members In Good Standing on an annual basis.
• The Rolf Institute maintains official procedures to investigate and address concerns regarding ethics and standards.

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