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It is a strange fact that living our lives tends to deaden our senses.

Stress, old injuries and emotional pain makes us “shut down” and “not feel". We switch off our aliveness when things get too painful, deadening the hurt. Like all off-switches, this one deadens the good feelings too.  Unfortunately, as stress and pain accumulate over the years, it becomes more difficult to find the feelings of deep relaxation, aliveness, and energy and effortless movement become very rare.


Rolfing and Aliveness



Connective tissue / fascia
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Rolfing is a system of hands-on work on the muscles and the connective tissues (fasciae) which flow through and around all muscles, organs, tendons, joints, blood vessels and nerves.

Soft, deep manipulation of the tissue frees and enlivens the organs and the body.

Muscle tone is improved.

Tense muscles begin to relax and flaccid muscles begin to wake up and fill out.

Movement feels freer and breathing becomes easier.

Many people report increased energy. 

It's possible to feel different.

The formal name for Rolfing is Structural Integration, and Rolfing is just that: the formation of a better whole by integrating its parts.

The general goal of Rolfing is to bring the body into better balance in the Gravitational Field. The body is brought into a more vertical posture, where gravity can support it, instead of acting as a negative force upon it, disorganizing it by putting it out-of-balance. Dr. Rolf believed that gravity works as a healing force.

A Definition of Rolfing

"Rolfing Structural Integration" is the theory and practice of organizing the human being in the field of gravity to enhance structural integrity which is manifest in the person's ability to function economically in relation to the environment.
Rolfing accomplishes this by addressing imbalances in the body's connective tissue matrix, as well as by helping the client find more functional options regarding patterns of movement, perception and cognition."

Rolfing Strctural Integration facilitates optimal

  • power
  • strength
  • speed
  • fluidity
  • coordination
  • mobility
  • balance and
  • adaptability
    according to a body's unique capability and capacity

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Literal Thorns in Literal Flesh
From the Preface of "ROLFING®, the Integration of Human Structures"
By Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

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