Who benefits from Rolfing?

About Rolfing

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Benefits of Rolfing

Paula Jorgensen Korning


People who

  • wish to improve their posture and ease of movement
  • wish to improve their breathing
  • are working on personal growth often use Rolfing as a way to handle emotional change
  • are subject to stress and tension
  • are in psychotherapy and sense there are bodily elements that need to “catch up” with the psychological changes that are happening
  • sense that their bodies are shortened or asymmetrical, out-of-balance
  • have had surgery and feel resulting imbalance
  • have suffered psychological trauma
  • are interested in looking and feeling younger longer and want more energy
    People of all ages come for help with neck pain, back problems, and impaired mobility.

A few celebrities who have been Rolfed ..

actors Greta Garbo, John Ford, Sean Young, Levar Burtan, Diane Ladd, Denis Leary, Courtney Love, singer-songwriter Willie Nelson, musician-singer Sting, pianist Leon Gleisher, trombonist Steve Turre, bio-chemist Jonas Salk, Paralympics medalist Sarah Will, skiers Mickey Egan & John Egan, tennis-player Ivan Lendl, Princess Di, the King of Spain, artists Georgia O’Keefe, and Miro, the founder of Gestalt Therapy Fritz Perls, therapists Sam Keen, Rollo May, Will Schutz and many musicians, dancers, comedians, and actors…
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